heathen's haven

$$ money to be made $$

so this is an expiriment to see how many people we can help financially through an idea of mine

unlike the lottery that has one big winner and a few smaller ones we are going to pick several winners based purely on luck of the draw and  the amount of winners will be proportionate to the amount put into the jackpot by sales 

in other words you have a really good chance of  being a big winner so buy your tickets and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


  , if you are seeing this now ,get your tickets!!! its gonna be awesome  we are still building the site but the contest is for sure live !!!

Our first contest did better than expected so I am pleased to announce that the stakes are going up to 1000 dollars this week once we recieve the total sales for 1500 tickets I will announce the drawing guys so buy as many as you want the more you buy the faster be have the drawing  tickets are only one dollar apiece !!!!